You can become a legally ordained minister of United Pagans Pantheon here. Ordination is free.

A document does not make one a Pagan or a Witch-- it is something inherent in oneself. We do not require our members to purchase anything at any time.

To join the United Pagans Pantheon online community, please click here.

You will receive a printable ordination record within 1 hour, upon completion of the ordination process.

We wish you the best on your spiritual journey!

Bright Blessings!

Select one of the following choices to continue with your request for ordination. Please note that magickal, coven or group names are not needed for our records- they are only necessary if you wish for them to appear on your printable record, or the official printed certificates / cards.

Ordination - Legal Name Only.

Ordination - Record my legal, magickal, and coven or group names.

Ordination - Not affiliated with a group or coven at this time. Record my legal and magickal names.

Ordination - Record my legal + coven or group names, but not my magickal name.